Liv May is a 20-year-old singer who writes candid songs about life, love and loss that could’ve been lifted straight from the pages of her diary. Growing up in Stockport, her family home was always filled with an eclectic mix of music- from Ella Fitzgerald to Fleetwood Mac – and it was the stories they told on the crackly vinyl of her parents’ record player, that really resonated with Liv.

“I’ve always been fascinated with songs that take you on a journey,” she says. “My Mum is a big fan of Dolly Parton so I listened to her songs a lot. I was infatuated by Stevie Nicks and the way she was able to draw you into her life through her music. I always thought I’d like to be able to make music like that.”

Finding her voice at a young age, Liv first started singing with her Dad, Phil Mealey, a musician and Bafta-winning comedy writer who had always played in local bands. “The first song me and my Dad performed together was Blackbird by the Beatles and I loved it! I never really enjoyed school but I found that I was able to express myself through music. My Dad has really helped me to develop my songwriting so that I could take a melody idea and work it into a song with a strong story behind it.

“I really admire the songwriting of Mac DeMarco and Rex Orange County. They are so raw and revealing and really put themselves on the line in their songs and they’ve inspired me to be more honest and open in my own songwriting. I’ve also been really fortunate to work with some amazing musicians who have brought a new dimension to my songs.”

For the past two years Liv has been working with Seven Miles Out Records to develop her sound. Her forthcoming tracks have been produced by Manchester- based Gareth Jones and Sean Rogan, guitarist with Diving Station and mixed by Neil Claxton formerly of Mint Royale.

Her first release on Seven Miles Out Records is ‘The Grand Design’, which is based on Liv’s own experiences. “No matter how perfect things can seem with your relationship and your future all mapped out, you can guarantee that life will come along and fuck it up,” she laughs.

Liv is currently collaborating with female art collective Underbank Studios who are creating abstract art interpretations of each of her future song releases.

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